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ERGONOMIC CONCEPTS is a full line ERGONOMIC material handling dealer providing a wide selection of products to solve most industrial lifting and positioning problems. We specialize in material handling equipment to assist the operator in lifting, positioning and loading of parts in machining operations; transporting bags, drums and boxes to and from loading stations, conveyors or pallets; and positioning of loads ergonomically for operators.

Our goal is to provide the most cost effective best ergonomic solutions for our clients.


Ergonomic Workstation Cranes & Jibs:  Capacities of 250 to 4,000 lbs. These systems require one pound of force for every 100 lbs of weight making them truly ergonomic.

Intelligent Lift Devices:  Capacities of 165 to 1,320 lbs the units have servo drive motors that will give you precise placement, high speeds, accuracy and product protection.

End Tooling Integration:  Custom end tooling can be designed for the handling parts, fixtures and a array of other products and can be integrated into Intelligent Lift Devices, Hoists and Manipulator arms.  These end tooling’s are usually air, air- hydraulic, electric-hydraulic, electric or manually operated depending on the application.  Our goal is to keep the equipment as simple as possible .

Manipulators:  Custom manipulators from multiple manufacturers allows us to provide you with the best solution making our equipment fit your application not your application fit our equipment.

Vacuum Lifters:  Venturi vacuum and tube lifters for handling bags, boxes, drums, and other products.

Ergonomic Carts:  Manual push - pull or power driven carts with custom end tooling’s  for handling a wide variety of products .

Lift Tables:  A varied selection of lift tables in light and industrial capacities.  These tables can be used for maintenance of equipment, positioning of loads or for transporting your product throughout your facility.

Hoists:  We provide a wide selection of chain and wire rope hoists  that are air, electric or manually operated.

Drum Handlers:  Powered and manual drum handlers for lifting and emptying drums as well as transporting them in your facility

Tuggers - Power Movers: Motorized power movers that eliminate pain and strain of manually pushing and pulling heavy  loads.

Air Bearings:  Air Bearings can float your load throughout your environment.

Industrial Products:  We carry a full variety of industrial vacuum lifters, grabs, spreader bars, magnets, slings, tongs, etc.

Industrial Cranes:   We offer I-beam, Patented Track, T-Track and Air systems that are ceiling mounted or freestanding, with capacities to 20 tons.

Installation:  We install the products we sell.