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The JD Neuhaus Profi Air Hoist is of rugged construction and takes up minimal headroom.   Like the Mini it is simple in design which means low maintenance costs and the Vane Motor has 30 to 40 less parts than other air hoists on the market.  It is small but robust relative to its capacity.  The Profi is impervious to rust, vapors, humidity and temperatures.   It has variable speed control and a positive start system which ensures a smooth start and consistent operation.  The chain sprocket in the mid section runs in dust proof maintenance free ball bearings.                                        


Capacities from 550 Lbs to 100 Tons


Overload Protection standard on the 3 - 20 TI Series

Rugged construction with minimum headroom

Small & handy relative to its capacity

Unlimited switching & operation frequency

Variable speed control


Spark-resistant package

Chain container

Offshore paint

Food epoxy paint

Delta-P overload protection for ¼ to 2 ton series and 25 TI series  

The JD Nuehaus hoist comes in low headroom, monorail, big bag hydraulic and hydraulic for monorail as well as subsea..