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Besides the standard  In-Line Slider Handle Ergonomic Concepts offers Pendent and Remote mounted handles.  

The in-line and pendent handles can be remote located on either a mounting bar or other device to allow for easy integration and access to all controls for customized end-effector  tooling.

Use the IN-LINE SLIDE HANDLE when the load moves with the motion of the operators hand.

The REMOTE SLIDE HANDLE when the operator can’t be close to the load or the wire rope attaches to customized end-effector tooling.

The REMOTE MOUNTED PENDENT CONTROL HANDLE is normally used when the load is more than one foot from where the wire rope attaches to end tooling, or when you expect the load to bounce or tip during lifting..

The SUSPENDED PENDENT CONTROL HANDLE is also used when you have limited headroom, when the operator can’t get close to the load or when the operator needs a maximum lift stroke.  This can also be used when you can expect the load to bounce or tip.

The SOFT TOUCH HANDLES control additional air or electric powered equipment such as customized end-effector tooling. These flexible designs integrate into new equipment layouts and offer more flexibility in customized tooling choices.