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What is a Fall Arrest System?

A Fall Arrest System is an active means of protecting workers from falls in elevated work environments.  A complete fall arrest system includes an anchor system, a body harness, and a connector - such as a shock-absorbing lanyard or a self-retracting lifeline (SRL).  

A complete Fall Arrest system, using GORBEL's Tether Track™ as your anchor, provides workers with a high degree of reliability and safety.

In Ceiling Mounted, Free Standing Monorail and Bridge Anchor Systems they are a cost effective way to reduce the risk of injury in elevated work environments.   Standard systems can be designed to support multiple workers, each weighing up to 310 lbs with tools, and custom systems are available. A standard system has a 900 pound maximum arresting force..

Falls are a leading cause of traumatic occupational death?

Falls account for 8% of all occupational fatalities from trauma

There were 680 workplace fatalities caused by falls in 2008

There is an average of 2 fall related workplace deaths each day in the U.S.  

Are you meeting OSHA standards?  

OSHA 1926 requires fall protection for all employees who work at height, defined as:

4' per OSHA 1910 General Industry Standards

5' per OSHA 1918 Long Shoring Standards

                   6' per OSHA Construction Standards