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1. G 360 SWIVEL ASSEMBLY:  The GORBEL Intelligent Lift  Device has a combined air/electric swivel that allows the handle to continuously rotate without damaging the electrical conductors in the coil cord or optional air coil.  This is ideal for applications where the operator is continually rotating the handle.

2. EMERGENCY STOP:  The emergency stop is conveniently located within the operators reach.

3. MENU BUTTON: Allows for the setting of virtual limits, programmable input / output, control one unit with two handles or two units with one handle

4. LCD DISPLAY:  Backlit display on the handle allows for menu style set up of features like Virtual Limits and Speed Reduction Points.  It also communicates valuable information like operational modes, weight readout, diagnostic information  and fault codes.

5. OPERATOR PRESENT FUNCTION:  The handle grip of the unit uses a built in photo sensor, making it safe and intuitive.  This method senses the presence of the operator's hand without a physical lever to depress. The result is a safe smooth operation because the operator is not tempted to use the Operator Present Sensor safety feature as a start / stop control.

6. ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN:   The long lasting handle was designed with the operators comfort in mind.  Its shape, size and material were carefully planned to fit comfortably in the curve of the hand, while it’s rubber, textured coating give you a positive grip.

7. IN-LINE SLIDE HANDLE:  The in-line slide handle allows the operator to get close to the load for more control and precision.  With this handle, the load moves with the motion of the operator’s hand.