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Gorbel Industrial Jib Cranes are freestanding, mast type and column mount in Cantilever or Bracket mounted styles.  They are available in manual or motorized rotation and have capacities from ¼ to 5 tons as standard and spans to 25’.  Custom spans and capacities are also available.

If your loads are to heavy for our ergonomic crane options, free standing jibs are perfect under your overhead cranes and in open areas it can serve several work cells.  These are also available for outdoor applications.

Bracket mounted and  Cantilevered Jibs Cranes are a cost effective solutions for moving material in your environment.  These provide coverage for individual bays and are a supplement to your overhead crane.  They can be mounted along walls or columns in plants.

Mast style Jib Cranes provides maximum lift where full use of available headroom is needed.  The jib boom can be placed at a specific height to clear overhead obstructions and depending on installation can provide 360 degrees of rotation

Retrofit your existing jibs with motorization.  The retrofit tractor drives will fit all free standing jibs with box-style head assemblies regardless of the manufacturer.