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Ergonomic Concepts
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Houston TX 77219
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Ergonomic Concepts Provides a wide selection of  Gorbel  ergonomic and specialty jib cranes.

Workstation Jibs

Articulating Jibs

Tooling Jibs

PIVOT PRO Vacuum Lift Articulating Jibs

These Jib Cranes are available in a variety of configurations

Capacities from 50 to 1,000 lb

Stainless Steel (up to 500 lbs)

Aluminum & Steel (up to 1000 lbs)

180 to 360 degrees of rotational coverage

Floor, wall and ceiling-mounted models

Spans to 16’

The jibs are designed to support tools, tool balancers, air balancers, vacuum lifters, and hoists.

Articulating Jib Cranes positions loads in areas where standard jibs can not be used.

They are ideal for reaching around corners, into machines or for handling products that are positioned close to the mast of the crane.  These jibs have 360 degree rotation at each pivot point.