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MANIPULATORS come in various types.  There are jib crane mounted; linear column mounted, portable base and overhead systems.   They are available in air, electric, air / hydraulic and electric / hydraulic and can be explosion proof or adapted for clean room , food environments.  

Standard reaches are to 10’ and capacities to 1,000 pounds. Longer reaches & capacities are available

The End-effectors are custom designed to fit your specific application.

Manipulators are used to pick and / or rotate and place many products.  

From handling rolls to various parts these lift devices are easy and safe to operate.

Manipulators allow the operator precise control when lifting offset or fragile loads and are available for high temperature or hazardous applications.

Manipulators render the load virtually weightless for the operator and is able to support a load that is offset from the axis of the end effector

End effector options allow for external / internal gripping or clamping, magnets, mechanical tooling or vacuum.  They have the ability to pitch, flip, rotate horizontally or vertically and telescope.