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GORBEL's Pivot Pro is designed for supporting vacuum lifters, tool balancers, air balancers, hoists and weld wire feeders.  There are no special foundation requirements and the jib is designed to fit all major vacuum equipment manufacturers    The sealed tubes eliminate the need for festooning in vacuum applications and the jib allows for precise positioning by eliminating the “whip” of the boom that is experienced in repetitive and high cycle applications. This greatly reduces the wear and tear on the vacuum lift tubes.  Optional accessories are the smart hook mounted to the mast to store the tube lifter, vacuum blower platform, filter mounting bracket and portable base.  

GORBEL's Tooling Jib is designed to be smaller, lighter and more cost effective for applications with suspended tools and light lifting vacuum systems.  With capacities of 50 and 150 lbs the jib gives circular coverage with standard spans of 4’ to 10’.  Standard heights are from 8’ to 10’ with 180 degrees of rotation.  No special foundation is required and the jib will install on 4” of concrete with a 4 bolt base pattern.  The 50 lb capacity allows for easy adjustment up or down the height under boom.  Small bracket centers allow for reduced headroom requirements.

Choose from various types of accessories including a universal cable management saddle;  rotation locks; friction brakes; portable bases; and trolleys for light and heavy weight tools.  Use in circular areas to support tool balancers, air balancers, hoists, vacuum lifters and welding wire feeders.  Mount fabrication tools, assembly tools and air tools..