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Custom End Tooling

Our End Tooling is custom designed and increases safety and productivity.  Each tooling is designed to fit the specific application then integrated into the appropriate lift device and crane.  Integration can be with an Intelligent Lift Device, Air or Electric Hoist, Air Balancer or Vacuum Lifter.

Our End Toolings are designed to be manual, air, air / hydraulic, electric or electric/hydraulic and can handle a wide range of applications using a gripper, magnet, vacuum or manual handler.  Grip and rotate parts then load them into lathes, CNC machines, presses and other machining operations with little to no effort.  Handle bags, boxes, rolls, drums, pails, sheets, cabinets, frames or chassis or use multiple End Tooling on one lift device with a quick disconnect.

Each End Tooling is custom designed and built to your specific application for increased safety, speed and accuracy. Their robustly engineered construction and use of high-quality components ensure long life and low maintenance.

Easy Arm G-Force Air Magnet End Tooling Gripper End Effector

Air Operated Permanent Magnet with Gorbel Easy Arm Intelligent Lift

JD Neuhaus Air Hoist Magnet End Tooling Easy Arm G Force End Effector

Air Operated Permanent Magnet with JD Neuhaus Mini-Manipulator Air Hoist

These Custom End Tooling units have either air or power to raise and lower the End Tooling integrated into an Air Magnet by separate coil lines.  The controls have the raise / lower and grip/release integrated into the Magnet.

These powerful Permanent Magnets will hold a load securely without dropping parts due to power failures or air pressure drops that affect other types of lifting systems.  If power or air is shut off to the magnet, it will hold the load until power or air can be restored and the magnet is released by the operator.  This offers a huge advantage over standard electromagnetic systems as no expensive battery back-up is needed for safe lifting.  These magnets have a 100% duty cycle.

Schlumpf Roll Handler G Force Easy Arm

ID Roll Handler Pick and Rotate

Gripper End Tooling End Effector Gorbel Crane G Force Easy Arm

OD Engine Block Grab

Tube Round Bar OD Gripper End Tooling End Effector Gorbel Crane G-Force Easy Arm

OD Powered Pipe End Tooling

Gripper End Tooling Round Plate Reels End Effector Gorbel Crane

Disk Pick and Rotate

Keg Handling Vacuum Cup Lifter

Vacuum Cup Keg Lifter

Manual Gripper Parts Handling End Tooling

Manual Grab

Tire Round Stock End Tooling Easy Arm Gorbel Crane End Effector

OD Lift and Rotate

Venturi Vacuum Lifter

G-force Panel End Tooling Gorbel Crane End Effector

Dual G-Force Panel Handling

Disk Vacuum Lift Rotate Lift G force Easy Arm Gorbel Crane End Tooling

Venturi Vacuum Cup Lift and Rotate

End Tooling OD Gripper Air Powered End Effector Gorbel Crane G force Easy Arm

Air ID Gripper

Manual End Tooling OD Gripper G Force Easy Arm Hoist Gorbel Crane

Manual Gravity Grab

Wheel OD Air Gripper End Tooling G Force Easy Arm Gorbel Crane Air Hoist

Air Disk Grab

Manual Roll Handler Cradle End Tooling G Force Easy Arm Air Hoist Gorbel Crane

Roll Handler


ERGONOMIC CONCEPTS is a full line ERGONOMIC material handling dealer providing a wide selection of products to solve most industrial lifting and positioning problems. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective ergonomic solutions for our clients.

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