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Tarca Patented Track Overhead Cranes

Tarca Patented Track is a crane system by Gorbel / Cleveland Tramrail® that continues to be the benchmark of overhead cranes.  Tarca Patented Track cranes systems are available in Underhung & Monorails Systems, have capacities from 5 to 40 Tons,  and have spans to 38′ and support centers up to 50′, The bolt together construction makes them easily changeable & expandable and are superior to I-Beams in strength, durability, and consistency.

Tarca Patented Track Cranes are entirely freestanding, building braced or ceiling mounted, depending on your environment and application. With systems from ½ to 5 tons, Patented Track Cranes has a wide range of capacities. Hybrid systems are also available for greater flexibility utilizing Tarca runways and Gorbel enclosed track bridges. This is the ideal solution for multiple bridge systems with capacities greater than 1 ton.

The unique Tarca Patented Track Crane, with its special raised tread and high carbon track, is superior to I-Beams in strength, durability, and consistency. The rails permit the use of underhung carriers operating on a single straight, curved, or inclined track or operating on two or more straight track runways.

Tarca Patented Track Cranes is a welded not extruded system that has a mild steel top flange and web and a high carbon steel lower rail with raised treads to resist peening. A continuous weld adds the rigidity needed to cope with bending and twisting stresses. Web and flange dimensions of each size are proportioned for maximum strength and spanning efficiency.

The high carbon flange increases the life of your system.
There are systems still in use that have been installed since the 1930’s.

Extended track life compared to I-Beam Systems
Straight rails result in easy, predictable, cost-effective installations
Efficient spanning capabilities eliminate costly additional supporting structures
Raised tread track provides durability and superior safety
Flexible suspensions provide for longer life and less maintenance
System expansions are easy and cost-effective

Tarca Patented Track
Tarca Patented Track

Overhead and Floor Mounted Systems

Tarca Patented Track
Tarca Patented Track

Interlocks for Crane to Crane Transfer.

Runways, Monorails, Bridges, Switches, Interlocks for Better Product Flow

Move product from cranes to monorails and back to cranes.  Use interlocks, track switches and drop sections to complete the system.

Tarca Patented Track

Tarca Track stress calculations do not include the strength of the thickness of the raised wearing tread.  Therefore the capacity of the track is unaffected by wear.

Tarca® Track’s raised tread design and extra hard alloy steel construction slow down the PEENING process. The full width of the raised tread wears evenly, extending track life well beyond that of I-beams. PEENING causes a crane to lose capacity and the ability to run true down the runway and over time could become a safety issue.


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