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Ergonomic Carts

We provides a variety of ergonomic carts that are designed to meet your specific application and environment.  Casters are selected based on push / pull and turning forces of the total load to be moved.  This allows for better ergonomics and greater maneuverability.

The carts can be designed with custom tops, end tooling’s, hooks and a variety of other configurations.  Some of the ergonomic carts are considered a mini manipulator on wheels.

Ergonomic Carts Hook Battery Powered Gripper

Hook Transport

Assembly Ergonomic Carts Battery Powered Travel Parts Assembly

Parts Assembly

Ergonomic Carts Cylinder Handling Cart

Cylinder or Tubing Handling

Ergonomic carts are available for transport, assembly and manipulation.  Manipulation of  parts are either pick and place or pick and rotate.  These are normally used for either the placing of parts into a machining operation or assembly.   Functions are controlled with a hoist type pendent and lighter capacities are manual push / pull.  Travel on larger capacity carts can be motorized.  The end tooling is custom designed to meet your application.

The ascending vertical travel is either battery, air powered or manual foot pump.  The descending travel is normally gravity but can be powered.

Ergonomic Carts Manipulator OD Gripper

Manipulator Cart

Ergonomic Carts Manipulator OD Gripper Pick and Rotate

Manipulator Cart / Rotation

Ergonomic Carts Parts OD Gripper

Custom Parts Transport

Ergonomic Carts Custom Tray OD Gripper

Manipulator Cart

Ergonomic Carts Transfer Assembly Cart
Ergonomic Carts Assembly
Assembly Carts Scissor Lift

Assembly and Transport Carts

Ergonomic Carts Parts Portable Hydraulic Lift Table
Ergonomic Carts Quick Lift foot Pump Panel assembly Table
Ergonomic Carts Quick Lift foot Pump Tilt Table
Ergonomic Carts Quick Lift foot Pump Table


ERGONOMIC CONCEPTS is a full line ERGONOMIC material handling dealer providing a wide selection of products to solve most industrial lifting and positioning problems. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective ergonomic solutions for our clients.

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