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Tuggers and Pushers

Tuggers, Pushers and, Load Movers are self-contained movers that are battery powered and aid production and warehouse personnel in moving heavy parts and equipment in an industrial or distribution environment.  Tuggers and Pushers are a cost-effective solution to eliminate the strain associated with manually moving loads too heavy for the employee.  Maneuver in tight spaces and turn corners easily.

Tuggers, Pushers, and Load Movers are available in capacities for moving most products on carts, transporters, vehicles or 18-wheeler trailers with some large enough to move rail cars.  Tuggers and Pushers are available in capacities for moving most products.  Typical uses are maneuvering heavy and oversized loads.  Such as: windows, glass and other sheet products, door carts, generators and other types of trailers; pushing buses, or cars down an assembly line, pulling transporters, moving parts and input material carts to manufacturing cells, pulling dumpsters from compactor rooms to curbside, or for staging a plane on a runway or maneuvering in a hangar.

Tuggers and Pushers can move loads of up to 100,000 lbs easily and custom capacities are available.

With a variety of hitches, Tuggers and Pushers can adapt to most connecting points, or we can provide a custom hitch.  Common hitches include:  5th Wheel with Electric Actuator, 5th Wheel Hook, Spring Loaded 5th Wheel, Pintle Hitch, Ball Hitch, Tongue and Pin Hitch, Paper Roller, and Push Pad with Special Application Attachments Available.

Tuggers and Pushers

Light and Extreme Duty Units Available.

Tuggers and Pushers

Rider Unit for Carts and other Equipment

Tuggers and Pushers

Pull Multiple Carts

Attached to different loads by using a universal hitch on all of your items to be moved..

Tuggers and Pushers

Wagon Caddy Motorized Mover

Tuggers and Pushers
Tuggers and Pushers

Electric Platform Parts Caddy.  Customize the top to accommodate your needs.


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