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Gorbel Workstation & Articulating Jib Cranes

Workstation & Articulating Jib Cranes by Gorbel are ergonomically designed and ideal for small work cells.  The Workstation Jib Crane is an enclosed track design requiring one pound of force to move one-hundred pounds of weight and is available in floor or column mounted options.  The Articulating Jib is available in Floor, Column, and Underhung options.  Both can be used under large cranes or where space is limited.  Workstation & Articulating Jib Cranes are designed to support tools, air balancers, vacuum lifters, hoists or custom end tooling can be added to your lift device.


Workstation & Articulating Jib Cranes

Free Standing Jib Crane

With capacities from 150 to 1000 lbs and standard spans from 6’ to 16’, most can be bolted directly to a 6” reinforced concrete floor without adding special foundations.

Top or bottom electrical entry collectors or air swivels can be added for 360-degree rotation.  If portability is needed a portable base is available.

Workstation & Articulating Jib Cranes

Column Mounted Workstation Jib Crane

Articulating Jibs are floor or columns mounted cranes and have capacities from 150 to 2000 lbs.  With circular motion and spans to 16’, they are used with hook mounted lifting devices including electric and air hoists or vacuum lifters.

These jib cranes have an effortless rotation and are ideal for moving loads around corners and through doorways; reaching into machines or swinging loads under obstructions.

Workstation & Articulating Jib Cranes

Free Standing Articulating JIb Crane

Workstation & Articulating Jib Cranes

Column Mounted Reach In Articulating Jib Crane

Workstation & Articulating Jib Cranes

Column Mounted Articulating Jib Crane


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