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Tooling Jibs


Tooling Jibs are designed to be a durable, lightweight option for applications with suspended tooling or light duty lifting. The Tooling Jibs small footprint makes installation possible in small areas, such as between machines.  These Tooling Jibs are ideal for supporting Tool Balancers, Air Balances, Small Hoists, Vacuum Lifters and Welding Wire Feeders. The Portable Base, Adjustable Locking, and 75 lb Tool Trolley are available for the 150 lb capacity.


Tooling Jibs Gorbel Cranes

Floor Mounted

Tooling Jibs Gorbel Cranes

Column Mounted

Tooling Jibs Tool Trolley Gorbel Cranes

Tool Balancer Cable Management

Tooling Jibs Portable Base gorbel

Portable Base

Capacities of 50 lbs. and 150 lbs.
50 Lbs standard spans from 4′ to 10′
150 Lb standard spans from 4′ to 12′
Standard heights from 8′ to 10′
50 lb, 180 degree rotation; 150 lb, 200 degree rotation
Designed to be smaller, lighter and more cost effective for applications with suspended tools
No foundation required

50 Lb Capacity

  • Simple 4 bolt installation allows for easy adjustment of the height under boom
  • Small bracket centers allow for reduced headroom requirements

150 Lb Capacity

  • No foundation required
  • An adjustable friction brake limits over swing during highly repetitive cycles
  • Tapered roller bearings for easy operation, installation, and maintenance
  • Small bracket centers allow for reduced headroom requirements


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